Covina Rotary Club unfurls 2001 Flags honoring our Troops and Veterans

A remarkable event began in Covina, CA in November of 2012.  The community saw the birth of a new project started by the Covina Rotary Club on the fields of Sierra Vista Middle School. For the entire week preceding Veteran’s Day, two thousand American flags flew as a patriotic tribute honoring all Veterans and Active Duty Military Personnel for their dedication and service to our nation, preserving our security and our freedom.  Visitors and volunteers from the surrounding communities experienced an amazing sense of patriotism while viewing and honoring a display of the flags – star spangled banners standing tall and proud, and by participating in various activities during the week ending on Veterans’ Day.

fov-childThe majority of the flags were sponsored and specifically dedicated by groups and individuals honoring a friend or family member. Throughout the week, various speakers, concerts, student tours, and military fly-overs made the field an exciting and magnificent tribute to our veterans. The concept of the Field spread from the Covina Rotary Club to other service clubs and veterans organizations in the area, resulting in a huge team of supporters that helped get the project going. Donations for flag dedications were established, the logistics of planting the flags were determined, and much of the community got involved in the effort. One hundred percent of the funds raised from the Field of Valor will provide assistance to our local Veterans, the families of our deployed military, and the Ontario USO. The Covina Rotary Club has made this an annual event, so watch this website or visit for information about next year’s event!

Download PowerPoint Slideshow of the event:

SlideshowYou can watch a slideshow of photos taken at the 2012 Field of Valor here! Just click on the button below to download and view the PowerPoint presentation. It’s about 60mb in size so it may take a few seconds to download and start, so be patient.

Donations greatly appreciated!

You can dedicate a flag to a veteran of your choice, or you can be a sponsor of a block of flags. Or if you’d just like to help us support our Veterans with a little financial assistance, you can do either by clicking the DONATE button below. Remember, 100% of your donation goes directly toward helping the Vets!

If you are dedicating a flag (for $35 donation), be sure to include information about the person you’re honoring in Paypal. NOTE: There will be a box titled “Honoree Name, Rank, & Branch of Service” where you can provide this info.

Apply for Help:

downloadIf YOU or someone you know is a Veteran or in Active Duty and needs financial help, you may qualify for a grant from the Field of Valor. To apply, please download our Field of Valor – Request for Funds pdf file. Fill it in and send it to us for evaluation and we may be able to help. Your application will be kept confidential.

2017 Event Coming Soon!:

Rotary Wheel 3dCovina Rotary will be hosting the sixth annual Field of Valor in the City of Covina from November 4 through November 12, 2017 at Sierra Vista School located at 777 Puente Street, Covina, 91723.

The San Gabriel Valley experiences an amazing sense of patriotism while viewing and honoring those that serve and have served this great Nation.  A section of historical flags graces the Field through for the entire event.

Last year’s Field of Valor raised over $80,000 which is being used to help active duty soldiers and their families, the Ontario U.S.O, and our Veterans.

The Field of Valor has more stories than American flags. Bring your family to this wonderful experience.

Vet Hunters need supplies!:

Vet Hunters is an organization that helps homeless and disadvantaged veterans with basic life support. They currently need help in collecting items listed here. If you can help, contact them at or bring these items to the collection tent at the next Field of Valor.

Poligrip, Denture cleaner, Small cans of shaving cream and razors, Chapstick, Sunscreen,  Flip flops for the showers, Anti fungal creams and sprays for athelets foot and ringworm.  Large backpacks.  Soap,
Toothbrush/toothpaste, Washcloth or hand towel, Deodorant, Comb, Shampoo, Tissues, Hand  sanitizers, Feminine hygiene products.


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